Torn Tarps and Doug’s Docking

Now is a good time to make a trip to your boat to ensure that your tarp or shrink wrap is doing its job—protecting your boat from the winter winds and snow. 

Or, if you are a distance from your boat, have your boat buddy, check for you.

While driving through our marina the other day, checking our cruiser Windy (and of course all my friend’s boats), I noticed that most tarps were surviving undamaged. Only a few had minor tears.

However; some tarps elsewhere, have suffered from the wind and snow damage. Luckily, the rips or separation in the seams, are in the early stages and can be fixed with minimal work. If left alone, Mother Nature will delight in increasing the size of the tear and whip the cover to shreds, like the 23’ sailboat above.

In a lot of cases, holes develop at the sharp corners of the framing, where the padding was non-existent or had come loose. These must be fixed right away. 

Once the tarp starts separating, the tarp loosens and bellies. This is where the next snowfall weighs down the hollow and eventually dumps the snow or water into your boat after a short thaw. Then there will be, not only wind damage; but also water damage.

When checking on your boat, it is a good idea to look after any problems—now rather than later.

If you have no problems, you have saved yourself some time to think about improving your docking skills before spring launch.

During this cold high-and-dry season, why not invest in a docking lesson for only $39, which is:

  • ONLY the price of a fast food lunch
  • FAR LESS than the price of a scrape repair
  • FAR LESS than the embarrassment of a screw-up, that injures your ego or worse—your wife.

Buy your lesson now, so you can study during February to get a head start on spring. Concentrate on improving your skills for stress-free docking fun, so your family will enjoy boating, as soon as you are launched.

Eliminate the stressful docking—as well as

  • the yelling
  • swearing
  • jumping
  • boat hooks
  • bionics
  • dock helpers
  • guesswork
  • embarrassment.

Be sure to get the correct lesson for your boat and drive system as each requires different instructions. Each perfectly explains in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format how to dock your boat.


  • The INTRODUCTORY Lesson to learn handling techniques as well as step-by-step docking lessons including 16 different wind scenarios. $39
  • The VIDEO shows you understand and see what to expect to be able to do, once you have mastered the techniques in the INTRODUCTORY lesson. $22
  • For advanced maneuvers and stern-first docking, also order the ADVANCED lesson. $69

SAVE MONEY and order all three

at the BUNDLE price of only $108

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