Touch and Feel Boat Shows are Back!

Yes! Touchie Feelie Boat Shows are back. No more virtual Boat Shows.


Does the Boat Feel Right?

To me, a boat is too personal a purchase to do on-line. I may be old fashioned, but I need to sit at the helm to feel if everything fits my body. Can I see over the superstructure? Can I see my First Mate on the platform when docking?

I like to have my First Mate move around the galley, head and bunks to see how it feels to her. Is it easy to maneuver in the head? Is it easy to prepare food in the galley? Does it flow easily? Is it easy to get in and out of the bed/bunk? Is there enough closet space?

I need to know the boat FITS. You get my drift?

Take the Opportunity to Visit the Boat Show

Show organizers have been busy putting together live Boat Shows again, offering everything they had in the past, plus much more.

Take the opportunity to visit a Boat Show near you to touch the new boats, trailers and accessories. Do comparisons. Take in the educational seminars to better prepare you for summer.

Enjoy being able to touch and feel the boats again, and yes even buy a new boat knowing it fits you and your family.

Who is the Boat Show Organized for?

Do you know who Touch and Feel Boat Shows are for? The following article explains who organizers organize Boat Shows for. There are many other Boat Show articles and the bottom of this article as well.

Who are Boat Shows for?  Find out Here

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