US Boaters Easier Access to Canadian Waters

1000 islands bridge US Canada

This photo of Thousand Islands Bridge is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Boaters from the US will now be exempt from reporting to Canadian Border Services Agency, when they cross the border to cruise or fish on the Canadian side of the line,

PROVIDED they do NOT……………

anchor, land or moor their boat or, in short, do not step foot on Canadian soil or rock.

American boaters wanting to actually visit Canada for tourism, supplies, mooring or anchoring etc. must call Canadian Customs at (888) 226-7277 to provide them with all the required data.

This is a newly passed Canadian law called Bill S-233 as of June 30, 2017.

Canadian boaters must still report into US Customs and Border Protection if entering American waters. However, it does remove the requirement of Canadian boaters from having to report into the CBSA after boating in US waters, so long as they have not anchored, arrived on American soil or made contact with another vessel.

A valid fishing license is always required when fishing in the US and Canadian waters.

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