Who is REALLY at the Wheel?

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Captain at Wheel

This is the time of year to add a Boat Show visit to your calendar to take part in the excitement of all the new boats and accessories, in preparation for spring—that will be upon us in just a few months.

Boat Shows are a great time for your whole family to learn all they can from the seminars and exhibits; so that, you are all ready as a team, as soon as the boating season starts.

Why? So that you are all steering in the same direction!

Who is at the Wheel?

The Captain may be “at the wheel”, but who is “REALLYsteering the boat?

If the central focus of your boating outing with your family, is moving the boat from A to B, the Captain is at the wheel steering the boat from the dock to a specific destination.

But, if the focus is your Boating Enjoyment , the whole team is “at the wheel” steering the Boating Experience. The “ING” in Boating becomes the most important focus where the family is participating.

Are your friends and family all expecting the same experience? Are they willing to participate and help create that experience, to make the whole trip as exciting as the destination?

When everyone aboard is actively invested in a great boating experience (instead of just a trip), they all participate, co-operate, and share both the work and the pleasure.

A few examples:

  • Each time the galley is used for food preparation, or anything else, are they prepared to clean up afterwards, so that it is ready for the next use? No one likes to start food preparation by cleaning up someone else’s mess first. Not only is space limited on a boat, almost everything has multiple functions, so leaving each place ready makes for a much more pleasant experience.
  • When docking, the knowledgeable crew works as a team to carry out the docking procedure—no yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork or embarrassment to cause friction, anxiety, upset or fear. Everyone else sits quietly and doesn’t distract the Captain and Docking Crew.
  • The Head on a boat is usually small and awkward compared to your bathroom at home. It is most important to leave it ready for the next person.

You get the drift….

Put the “ING” in Your Boating

Once the work is shared by all on board, there is more time for everyone to enjoy the activities—Put the “ING” in Your Boating—Fishing, swimming, sunbathing, boarding, reading, hiking, exploring and all of the other team and individual activities you can dream up—and even docking.

The benefits of participating and co-operating are enormous. Everyone gets to enjoy the rewards of boating  (the whole trip), creating more memorable and positive boating experiences.


For tips and tricks on simplifying the jobs aboard, see: First Mate 101

To simplify and enjoy stress-free docking, see: Docking Lessons

Be a Happy Boating Family!

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