Why Stay at the Dock?

enjoying-the-bayThe thermometer was yelling 45 degrees Celcius (111 degrees Fahrenheit) this afternoon when I stepped out onto our deck at the house. It was just like walking into an oven!

We immediately packed some food for dinner and headed to “Windy” at the harbour—just 5 minutes away. Our harbour, like most, was a hive of activity with lots of boaters on and around their boats—all baking in the heat.

I think we set a record untying, undocking, leaving the harbour, heading straight out onto the Bay, turning off the motors and jumping into the best “cooling station” of all—Georgian Bay. The top three feet was warm, but below that it is still very cold—refreshing. It was heaven.

We drifted for hours, swimming behind the boat, bbqing and watching the sunset. Sometimes, if there is a breeze, we find a good spot to anchor. We go tubing with the grandkids (and the big kids) behind the dinghy and generally swimming, relaxing and enjoying being on the water.

But, there is something we just cannot understand……

When we look around the lake and bays, there are very few boats—neither power nor sail, nor houseboats, nor fishing boats—just us enjoying all by ourselves.


We have noticed this many times over the decades and can’t help, but ask “Why don’t more boaters leave the marina/harbour and get out on the water more?”

  • Is it the cost of fuel? I don’t think so, as we are accustomed to the gouging by now, and it doesn’t cost any money to drift or anchor.
  • Is it the lack of socializing? I don’t think so, since you can invite friends to join you and even raft with other boats, so you can all enjoy together.
  • Is it the fear (excuse) of bad weather on the way? It’s likely days away.
  • Is it the fear of returning to the dock? This question got more positive responses that the others. Many boaters want to go out, but have a fear of the return to their dock. Why? Because docking is too difficult for them.

There is a solution for your boating friends, who are permanently tied to their docks for fear of docking on their return.

Tell them that docking is a learnable skill. Learn from a docking pro, then duplicate his skill, eliminating the fear, frustration and embarrassment of returning to the dock.

Go to Power and Sailboat Docking to get your docking lesson today and start enjoying all that boating has to offer. No more need to sit on your boat in the marina/harbour melting in the heat. Get out on the water and enjoy boating-even docking!

Doug Dawson


Boat Docking Lessons

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