You May Be Too Late!

Yes, you may be too late for canvas repair!

For those of you who need your canvas repaired or replaced, and haven’t arranged with your marina to be on their canvas repair schedule, get on it immediately. Hopefully they may be able to squeeze you in and hopefully they can have you done before launch.

At our family marina years ago, there was always one or two boaters who were caught in this situation each spring and in some cases, there was no room to squeeze them in, so they had to wait until after boating season. In one case, the canvas was in dire need of repair and we were able to get it done, but the boater missed half of his summer.

Over the previous winters, we have compiled and published several in-depth articles on canvas tips and design modifications. Before just replacing what your boat manufacturer supplied, study these free canvas articles to not just replace yours the same old way, but how to improve the design to be more water and bug proof, provide more headroom, visibility and much, much more.

You are NOT too late for lessons!

It may be late for canvas repair or replacement,

but it’s never too late to enjoy the fun of docking!

You are NOT too late to learn how to improve your docking skills. One of our docking procedures could help you and your First Mate lower your stress levels of docking your boat and also impress your dock neighbors. Guaranteed, you’ll learn at least one tip, you never thought of.

Now is the perfect time to get the docking lesson and video for your boat and its drive system. They continue to garner non-stop praise from boaters. Everything is explained in easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions.

The Intro lesson is over 125 pages covering handling and docking bow first into the slip with wind direction from 4 directions, tying on the left or right side. The video is around 17 – 20 minutes showing how easy docking can be. Watch it; then read the lesson.

For backing into a slip, you also want to order the Advanced lesson which is approximately 225 pages. Order the Bundle (Intro, Video and Advanced lesson) to get a discounted price for all three.

Power Boat Docking Lessons

Sailboat Docking Lessons

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