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Whether it's learning to live in smaller spaces, tie your lines, repair a winch, dock your boat or a myriad of other activities, boating is a learning process.

All boaters have their sources of information and reference, and we'd like to share another valuable resource with you.



The informed boaters (those who have, or know where to get the information they need) are ready, willing and able to tackle just about anything. On the other hand, less prepared boaters often run into difficulties and frustrations.

Informed boaters definitely enjoy boating more,
so being prepared IS the answer.

Rob MacLeod's new website is a great resource to add to your list.

InformedBoater.com offers a variety of videos on "how to" do many boating tasks. Rob enlists experts in each field to share their knowledge bringing you "expert" advice on your topic of need in video format.

docking-twin-inboardRob asked us to star in two of his videos "Docking A Single Sterndrive" and "Docking a Twin Sterndrive". These two videos are approximately 15 minutes and complement, not replace, our Docking e-Lessons.

We take the boat out and demonstrate the open water exercise to show the viewer how the boat was intended to respond to the wheel and shift(s) as well as docking. We show you how our FLIPP LineTM procedure simplifies docking for both the driver and the First Mate.

Our e-Lessons have plenty of diagrams and adding the video gives you a visual summary of how it all comes together. You'll be amazed at "how the lights go on" when you see us dock.

Watch the video and follow the step-by-step detailed instructions in the e-Lesson with your family. You'll learn how easy docking can be.

Rob's other videos include:

  • Boating Knowledge and Safety
  • Boat Handling
  • Boat and Equipment Maintenance

 Check his introductory video to see what Rob has planned for the future.

Check out www.informedboater.com
and save it in your favorites.

Dear Brenda and Doug:

So cool that you We're the ones who actually did the review on this boat almost 25 years ago! Things come full circle.

Thanks for the details on the hull and what happened to the molds with World Class Catamarans.  I got the boat last year and the engine died right away, and I'm just re-powering it, so I haven't had a chance to use it on the Mississippi much yet really.  Researching what I could about it, I think it may be my favorite boat ever.Like a lot of us I enjoy learning the history about my boat!

I had already checked out your website and had already decided to get the book on docking the boat, so will be sure to get the pontoon version. And even though I'm an Eagle Scout and thought I knew in my knots well, I've already also decided to order the book on knots!   It sounds like you've developed a lot of great resources!

Peace and Love

Tom Schreiber


Brenda, "Nice job by you and Doug, I really like your common sense approach to handling a boat with easy time for the first mate." Thanks again.

Bill, 'a fan'.


Y'all are the best! Downloaded it, saved it, printed it--now all we have to do is master it! Thank you so much.

Natalie Redyk

For trailered boats, make sure the drain plug is on your checklist!  It wasn't on mine and I mistakenly expected that the shop who summerized and delivered my boat had installed it.  They didn't, and I didn't check for it, and didn't realize it wasn't there 'till I got back to my backyard dock and saw the water coming up thru the ski well.  I'm now known as "soggy-boy" after falling off the boat into the lake while trying to install the plug from above; would have been a lot easier on the launch ramp!  Fortunately, nothing was damaged but my pride . . . Cheers

Dave Keyser, Soggy-boy

Thanks! Always great to receive your monthly newsletter. Well done and appreciated!
keeep up the super good work.....


17 Questions to Ask About Boat Docking

There is so much more to boat docking than just docking!

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