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Anybody who has been around a marina a few days or a few years, has certainly seen this method of barking orders to the crew. You or your captain may even be just a little bit guilty of this style of communicating.

There is a better way........

The only time shouting or yelling on a boat is appropriate, is in an emergency situation where a person is in danger or to get someone's attention over a loud noise like an engine. At all other times, it is highly recommended that you use any of the many other forms of communicating to avoid becoming the laughing stock of the marina or anchorage or lock.


Communicating Aboard covers many ways you can communicate your messages to your first mate, crew, other boats, friends and in emergency situations.

Not only are these other methods more effective, but also you'll be the envy of other boaters. Boating becomes easier and you appear way more professional.

If you have experienced the yelling or shouting method on your boat, you need this e-Lesson. It will help you

  • simplify instructions to your First Mate and Crew
  • appear more Professional
  • set a better mood aboard
  • make boating more enjoyable


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