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Have you every been surprised and upset by an inconsiderate boater throwing a whoppin', huge, monstrous boatwake your way?

We have heard from many subscribers of their horror stories and have written this e-Lesson to help you.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do or say to an offending boater that is going to change the situation you are put in, but there is plenty you can do to minimize the effects of his boat's wake to you, your crew and your boat.


A wake is the wave
behind a moving boat.
It is nothing to be afraid of
but you have to take note.

Whether you are driving a yacht
or paddling a canoe
There are many tips and tricks
in this e-Lesson for you.

Take appropriate defensive action
to conquer the monstrous wake;
Otherwise, you'll be defeated and tossed
Like a helpless cork in the lake.

Approaching Boat Wakes

When a boat is approaching with a tsunami in tow,

  • Do you know what to do?
  • Does your crew know what to do?

If not, you need to learn Doug's Defensive Boat Wake Conquering Techniques.

Overtaking Boat Wakes

When a big, fast boat is coming up behind and going to overtake you in a channel,

  • Do you know what to do?
  • Does your crew know what to do?

If not, then you need to learn Doug's Defensive Boat Wake Conquering Techniques.

Understanding Boat Wakes

Different hulls produce different wakes at different speeds and different drive systems cause different wakes as well. Do you know how to determine what the offending wake-thrower's wake will do?

  • Do you know how his boat will handle your wake?

If not, then you need this e-Lesson. "Conquering Wakes" will explain the difference between hulls and drive systems and how they affect the wake produced and the handling ability when crossing a wake.

"Wake unto others, as you would have them wake unto you. "

"I have learned a lot from your e-lessons and have bought several. I boat on and around the Chesapeake Bay, so the more I know the better. I have been boating since I was 14, (that's been 50 years ago), but I just got a new boat last year, having not been boating for many years, and I enjoy learning as much as I can.

One of your e-lessons I have is about monster wakes. I have been hit by tugboat wakes, navy and cargo ship wakes, and the worst-submarine wakes (since you don't see the subs, their awesome wakes will many times catch you off guard. That e-lesson probably saved my behind many times."

Bill Pollok, VA

'Conquering Wakes' e-Lesson

'Conquering Wakes ' e-Lesson will teach you how to minimize the effect of the wake produced by any vessel either approaching or overtaking.

Thirty Four pages of informative guidance.

Doug's "Defensive Boat Wake Conquering Techniques" could mean the difference between an enjoyable cruise and one of yelling, shaking fists, injuries, broken dishes, etc.

Don't allow Whoppin' Wakes to defeat you!

Conquer them instead


Learn how to handle Boat Wakes

Download 'Conquering Wakes' e-Lesson


Download 'Conquering Wakes' e-Lesson, print it out and take it with you.

Take the fear and difficulty out of wake crossing.

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34 pages of Defensive Wake Conquering Techniques

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