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Don't let the unexpected ruin your Boating Holiday!

Taking your boat from your home port on a cruise from marina to marina or anchorage, is one of the best holidays you could ever imagine. Or, is it?

Boaters become comfortable docking and undocking from their own slip, but for many, fear sets in when they realize that they will need different docking skills for the variety of docks at the marinas they will visit on their boating holiday. Dock heights are different, approaches are different, winds and currents can work against you. Sometimes you have dock helpers, while other times you don't. Each new location is a totally new experience. If you aren't prepared and ready for these variables, your dream holiday can turn into a horror show.

Be Prepared

On the other hand, if you are prepared and know the different docking procedures that will make your experience less fearful, your holiday will be the enjoyable dream you expected.

The "Docking While Cruising" e-Lesson explains what to do for different docking scenerios and decribes in detail a simple method of docking any size or type of power boat that simplifies the docking procedure--No jumping, no bionics required. Doug's FLIPP Line™ method allows you to dock much easier taking away the fear and anxiety. Adopt Doug's FLIPP Line™ docking procedure and simplify docking for you and your First Mate.

Research before you leave home port

Just as docks are different at different marinas, marinas themselves are all different. Some are basic offering very little, while others are 5-Star offering features from water and ice to swimming pools, pubs, internet and much more. It is most important to find out ahead of time what they offer before reserving a slip. Once settled in, it is also important to discuss all the rules and procedures so there are no surprises--like BBQ rules, pet rules, garbage and recyling procedures. There are dozens of topics to discuss all covered in the "Docking While Cruising" e-Lesson. Knowing ahead of time what to ask is half the battle.

Security and Safety

This is a subject that is often overlooked when travelling on your boat. You need to make sure you, your crew and your boat are secure and safe at all times. It is important to know the marina security, as well as what to do in an emergency while in the harbour. Simplify your procedures, so everyone aboard knows what to do in an emergency, when in new surroundings where you don't know the streets or local emergency services. This is all covered in the "Docking While Cruising" e-Lesson.

The "Docking While Cruising" e-Lesson

Also covered are tying tips, boarding tips, handling shore cords, laundromats, washrooms and more. It explains how to choose the right marina and how to be prepared, if you stop at anchorages on your route.

The "Docking While Cruising" e-Lesson is suitable for power and sail to prepare you for all the various dock configurations and styles that  you will encounter while cruising. It is intended to follow the docking e-lesson for your specific drive system. Each Boat Docking e-Lesson covers in great detail the step-by-step process for you and your First Mate to Dock Your Boat and secure it.

Order "Docking While Cruising" e-Lesson today 

Take the unknown out of your boating holiday and set out with confidence knowing you are prepared.


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23 pages of Tips for Power Boaters Docking While Cruising
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Brenda, I want to thank Doug for his docking lessons.
I looked on You Tube and endlessly on the internet. Doug's lesson is the only one that worked.
Two weekday mornings out with the lessons made a HUGE difference. There is such a difference in my docking abilities that other newbies are already asking for my advice. I can't wait to see the results after 6 months of real practice. I would be honored for you to use my comments. Thanks again.

Don Grantham, Argyle TX

The only mistake I made in buying books about boating was not to get yours first. It would have saved me about $75.00 in other books that aren't half as informative as yours. Your book has helped me in understanding the correct way to bring a boat into a slip.

Arnold Mackey, California

You will find that boating provides a wonderful relaxing experience that strengthens relationships, builds character, extends lives, or you just aren't doing it right.


The means to further enhancing your boating experience involves, in addition to more power, the reduction of risk and elimination of anxiety.


I have found this best accomplished through knowledge gleaned from appropriate training and experiences.  

My family and I have found Doug and Brenda Dawson’s eLesson an indispensable resource. Whether a novice, or seasoned boater, you will benefit from the Dawsons’ expertise.

Stephen Pollock P.Eng.

I dock my boat in an area with very strong currents and shifting winds. While I am getting better with practice after reading the introductory Docking e-Lesson, I am looking forward to learning more from the Advanced Docking e-Lesson.

Hope I didn't bore you, but wanted to say thanks and let you know that what you are doing is saving not only boats, but also lives.

Keep up the good work! Boating knowledge allows you to live and fish another day and to come home safely to your loved ones.

Your work is important! Thanks again and tight lines.

Bill Pollok, VA

The information you have given me is exactly the kind of thing I need. That 'stand backwards' trick is priceless by itself! I truly appreciate the information. I can't wait to get out on the water and work on it. I'm sure it'll make an amazing difference.

 That one little tidbit, though I've not even tried it out yet, will undoubtedly save me lots of aggravation, lots of discomfort, and lead to a far safer, more controlled, more predictable, and more successful set of docking procedures. The rest of the information you've given me is gravy.

Again, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me.

Bill R, SC