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With a dinghy, a whole new world on the water will open up to you and your family.

Every boater needs a dinghy.

A Dinghy is a small open boat carried on or towed behind a larger boat as a tender or a lifeboat for going ashore, a small sailboat or row boat, or a rubber life raft. A dinghy can be made of wood, fiberglass or twin inflated fabric sponsons.

There are several styles of inflatable and non-inflatable dinghies on the market. Choosing the right one for you can be a frustrating experience, unless you know the differences.

"Enjoying Your Dinghy" e-Lesson describes each style of dinghy in detail to help you in this process. We do NOT sell dinghies-we just enjoy ours.

Enjoy Your Dinghy

Once you have a dinghy, there are many ways to enjoy it. This e-Lesson discusses a multitude of uses and fun things that you and your family can do to enjoy your dinghy more and your boat more.

Doug-Kaitlyn-DinghyGo have fun with your Dinghy!

Dinghy for Teens

Keep your teenagers excited about boating and wanting to be with you. Putting teenagers in dinghies is like putting teenagers on elastics. They can play out of sight, but nearby, and always come back for more.

Teens with dinghies get hooked on boating for life and are too busy having fun to get into trouble back home away from parents.

Get a dinghy for your teenagers.

For emergencies

"Enjoying Your Dinghy" e-Lesson shows you how to rescue tow your boat or other people's boats out of danger by using your dinghy.

Steering a dinghy while towing another vessel is impossible unless you know how to do it properly. Doug Dawson describes in detail how to do it, why his method works and why all others fail.

Davits vs Towing

Learn the differences between all your davit choices so you can knowledgeably go shopping for the right one for your boat and dinghy.

Towing a dinghy in open water can be a heartpounding experience.
Read how to rig a bridle and the correct length of tow line for your dinghy is described in detail and much more........

Download and print out this 18-page e-Lesson and take it to your boat, so the whole family can enjoy boating and dinghying more.


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