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Ramping Your Boat should be done confidently, easily, smoothly, silently, quickly and
without shouting, wet feet or embarrassment.

Don't be Launch Ramp Entertainment

  • Whether you are launching or hauling any size boat at a ramp, you don't want to be the entertainment and end up on YouTube.
  • Remember - The size of your audience (with cameras) is directly proportionate to the size of your screw-up!

Learn how to launch your boat like a Pro

  • "ramping-drawingRamping Your Boat" is filled with step-by-step instructions and pictures.
  • Tips and Tricks to simplify ramping.
  • Doug teaches you how marina staff and pros ramp--easily.
  • And, how to keep your feet dry!
  • See Ramping article.

 Has this ever happened to you?

Click on the following link to see video of ramping gone bad.

Doug’s e-Lesson has step-by-step instructions with explanations of what works and what doesn’t and why, as well as tips to make it even easier. For example, one of Doug’s tips will ensure your trailer goes the right way when backing down the ramp. This one simple tip will avoid the trailer heading off in the wrong way on the ramp. It is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it and it will improve your ramping instantly.

Another of Doug’s many tips in the e-Lesson will prevent your boat rolling off the trailer prematurely and crashing on the dry ramp instead of in the water—especially on busy days when there is a lineup of boats waiting for the ramp. It is important and considerate to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Knowing “How” makes all the difference!

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