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Do your Trim Tabs and Power Trim control you? OR do you control them?

If you are one of the 81% of power boaters with a Planing Hull,

You Need This e-Lesson

You need to know How to use Trim Tabs and Power Trim

For a smoother ride

To throw less wake

To save fuel

To operate more efficiently


Trim Tabs and Power Trim are two accessories on power boats that are too often ignored or used incorrectly. They were designed to give you the ability to trim your boat when on plane at intermediate speeds to keep your planing angle more parallel to the water’s surface. Trimming eliminates the bow too low angle and the bow too high angle that you often see on the water—or experience yourself.

"Trimming Your Boat" covers all three combinations of Trim Tabs and Power Trim:

  • Outboards and Sterndrives over 20' with Both Trim Tabs and Power Trim
  • Outboards and Sterndrives under 20' with only Power Trim
  • Inboards with only Trim Tabs

Trimming Your Boat order-now

Bow Too High




  • Does your bow run so high that you must stand to see over the cabin?
  • It is dangerous when your bow is so high that you can’t see where you are going.
  • It wastes a tremendous amount of fuel and dollars.
  • The boat doesn’t look right and it shows other boaters, that you haven’t learned to trim your boat yet.
  • On small fast boats, the wind could flip you over.

Bow Too Low


  • Does your bow bury itself like a diving submarine, when you go fast?
  • You are soaking your passengers and boat unnecessarily.
  • You are wasting fuel dollars pushing water in front of the boat.
  • It makes steering more difficult.
  • It looks bad and shows other boaters, you don’t know how to trim your boat.

Learn Trim Tabs

  • What Trim Tabs Are
  • What Trim Tabs Do
  • When to Use Trim Tabs
  • When Not to Use Trim Tabs
  • How to Adjust Trim Tabs
  • When you are Trimmed Correctly



Learn Power Trim


  • What Power Trim Is
  • What Power Trim Does
  • When to Use Power Trim
  • When Not to Use Power Trim
  • How to Adjust Power Trim
  • When you are Trimmed Correctly

Be in the Know! Be Trimmed

Learn How and When to use
Trim Tabs and Power Trim

Learning how to properly use Trim Tabs and Power Trim on your boat will make all the difference. Not only will you have the confidence of doing it right, but you’ll also show other boaters on the water that you have mastered Trimming Your Boat.

You can find bits of information on the internet about Trim Tabs and Power Trim; but, each site only covers part of each subject, leaving many questions unasked and unanswered. We've covered it all and more in this e-Lesson—we've connected all the dots.


When your boat is properly trimmed,
It makes you and your boat look good.

Other boaters will admire your skill
     And Trim their boats, they’ll wish they could!


Get “Trimming Your Boat” e-Lesson today!


It covers everything you need to know and more,

including simple easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

             Trimming Your Boat   


Trimming Your Boat

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