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Video Docking Single Inboard - Ski - 98

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The "Docking Your Single Inboard - Ski" Video should be used with the "Docking Your Single Inboard - Ski" e-Lesson to get the most benefit. Single Inboards are difficult to handle unless you know how. They seem to have a mind of their own. The detailed, step-by-step lessons in the e-lesson show you how to overcome the prop pull stubbornness. Then, the video shows you how to make it work for you to dock your boat.

On most ski, wake board and tow boats, the torque pulls the stern to starboard in reverse.  Whether you have a ski boat or a wake board boat or a tow boat, this single inboard lesson is for you. For boats with a single inboard with a torque that pulls to port, see the other Single Inboard lessson.

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