Power Boat Docking Lessons

power boat dockingSelect your drive system below using the pictures for reference:
Outboard  or O/B – This motor is attached to the back of the boat and the entire motor is turned for steering.
Sterndrive or I/O – A Sterndrive or I/O is a motor that is a combination of an inboard engine connected through the transom to an outdrive. The package is known as a sterndrive or an Inboard/Outboard or an I/O–Half in and half out.
Inboard or I/B – An inboard motor is located near the middle of the boat or just ahead of the transom. The motor is connected to the propeller via a long, straight shaft that extends on an angle through the bottom of the boat. The whole motor is inside the boat. The rudder is placed behind the propeller for steering.

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