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dock-cleat-alm10Emergency Stop Cleats - One of the docking situations covered in our ADVANCED Docking e-Lessons, addresses the situation when Mother Nature’s wind and/or current is always forcing you off your dock as you back in.

The solution we recommend is the addition of two or three extra cleats that I dubbed “Emergency Stop Cleats”. These extra cleats provide “Stepping Stones” for your First Mate to use the FLIPP Line™ from cleat to cleat assisting you to keep your boat tight to the dock as you back in.

For boaters who want to purchase and install their own cleats, in lieu of having your marina do it, we recommend the 10 ½” that are cast in aluminum with an open base.



3 Emergency Dock Cleats 10 1/2" $61.70 for three order-now    


Prices in US Dollars - Shipped Freight Collect


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