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rope-pkg-picture2Splice Your Own Lines


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Why not splice some new lines for your boat?

What a good way to shorten the winter and make spring launch come sooner. This easy winter/spring project will trick your brain into thinking about boating a whole lot more than the weather will.

Order your supplies to make new dock lines, fender lines and even a fresh anchor line. We have chosen a package of twisted 100% nylon rope that is easy to splice, is shock absorbent, and resistant to abrasion, rot, mildew and petroleum products.

Added to the coil of nylon, are all the parts and supplies you'll need to splice up new lines. All you have to add is a blade and cigarette lighter or candle for melting ends. Oh, and don't forget to add a glass of your favourite beverage. THINK SUMMER All instructions for calculating length and how to splice are included.

Your Rope Package Deal includes:

  • A full coil of Twisted Nylon rope - size for your boat - see below
  • A galvanized steel thimble to be spliced into the anchor line - size matched
  • A galvanized steel shackle to join the anchor line to your anchor - size matched
  • A Fid (hollow splicing tool)
  • A Roll of Electrical Tape for securing the ends during splicing
  • “Making Rope into Lines” Lesson
  • “Tying and Using Knots” Lesson
  • “Tying Your Power Boat” Lesson
  • Instructions for length of lines, eye splicing and back splicing are explained in detail in the "Making Rope Into Lines" Lesson.

Choose the Coil of White Twisted Nylon Rope

for your boat size:


Boat Size

Coil Size


Pkg Price

Order Now

up to ~22' 630' of 3/8" $330 $257 order-now
~22' to ~40' 300' of 1/2" $334 $219 order-now
over ~40' 200' of 5/8" $428 $257 order-now
over ~40' 600' of 5/8" $829 $720 order-now


All prices in US$ + S&H.


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