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Boating and Barbequing go Hand-in-Hand.

sea-b-que-largeWe can’t imagine a summer or even a week aboard without having a Barbeque to sizzle the steaks, burgers, shrimp, chicken, fish etc. for dinner. During the dinner hour in a harbour, you can enjoy the aroma of everyone’s dinner in progress. It’s part of the boating lifestyle.

There are many different styles of BBQ’s to choose from. Personally, we have enjoyed our Sea-B-Que since 1992 on our boat. It’s an integral part of our lifestyle aboard.kd

Our 13 year old granddaughter commented that “in addition to the great tasting food and precious family time around BBQ cooking, there are always less pots and pans to wash up after”.

Ours is mounted on the top of the transom making it accessible from the cockpit. A canvas cover protects it when not in use and it is outside the canvas curtain when we are on the move so it doesn’t interfere.

Depending on your boat’s configuration,

you can mount your Sea-B-Que on your stainless steel transom railing or the top of your transom or even on a pedestal for your swim platform. They come with feet so you can set it up on the picnic table too because it moveable.

To add sizzle to your boat, see the Sea-B-Que below and order today so you can “get cookin” this summer.

Sea-B-Que Barbeque Package

Both Sea-B-Que Barbeques are manufactured of 20 gauge stainless steel. The octagon designs provide strength, rigidity and prevent flame out in the wind. Each model has a pair of handles attached to the rollaway top that allow for opening and closing even when the BBQ is hot. Both Sea-B-Que models can be freestanding on a pair of feet or can be mounted on the rail and other mount shown below.

Both Sea-B-Que models include:sea-b-que-tray

  • Stainless Steel Front Tray that clips onto the front of the BBQ for juggling tools and food in progress.

  • Thermometer

  • Lifting Knobs resist heat so you can lift the lid without getting burned

  • Removable Non-Stick Porcelain Grilling units make up the grilling surface

  • Stainless Steel Burner lasts longer than others

  • Propane Regulator Control adjusts the flamesea-b-que-cover

  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray is removable for easy cleaning

  • A pair of feet or legs allows you to move the BBQ from your boat and set it up on a picnic table.

  • Each comes with a one year manufacturers warranty

  • Black canvas cover will protect your Sea-B-Que from the elements when not in use

Sea-B-Que Barbeque Packages

24' Sea-B-Que Package

Ideal Stainless Steel Barbeque for two people as described above
Weight = 18 lbs
Cooking Surface = 9.25" wide x 16" long = 148 sq.in.
10,000 BTU
$70 of Bonus e-Lessons--your choice


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28" Sea-B-Que Package


Ideal Stainless Steel Barbeque for you and your friends as described above.
Weight = 30 lbs
Cooking Surface = 11" wide x 20" long = 220 sq.in.
11,000 BTU
Pair of carrying handles built in
$85 of Bonus e-Lessons--your choice


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Mounting Kit Choices

Both the 24" and the 28" Sea-B-Que kits above can be stood on their own legs on the top of a picnic table or optionally, there are 3 different mounting kits to choose from whichever is best for your boat or situation

Rail Mount Kit for either Sea-B-Que


New and improved strong, sturdy mount for use with either Sea-B-Que model. Use with square or round railings between 7/8" to 1" thick railing. Can be mounted on vertical, horizontal or some angled railings. Features a quick release latch for easy removal and storage of the BBQ.


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Taffrail Mount Kit for either Sea-B-Que



The Taffrail Mount Kit uses stainless steel tubes and sockets to create a stand off mount for either Sea-B-Que that can be installed into the cap rail, i.e. the top horizontal surface of your transom, or into a teak taffrail.

To install these mounts, you need to drill a pair of holes in the mounting location of your transom (cap) or through your wooden taffrail. Measure twice, drill once.

The Barbeque slides off the tubes for storage or for use on a picnic table.

For mounting near the top of an angled transom area, these tubes can be set into stanchion bases that you source separately to achieve the correct angle so that the barbeque is mounted horizontally.

See picture of one mounted this way here.


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Propane Hose Choices

You can screw on the small 1 lb disposable propane tanks directly to either Sea-B-Que or if you have a safe place to secure either a 10 lb or 20 lb propane tank, you would need a hose to connect the tank to the Barbeque. We have two sizes of hoses - 4' and 6'. If you need longer, call (519) 538-2887 and ask for Doug.

Propane Hose - 4 ft


Sea-B-Que 4' Hose manufactured with the correct fittings to connect your Sea-B-Que to your Propane tank.


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Propane Hose - 6 ft


Sea-B-Que 6' Hose manufactured with the correct fittings to connect your Sea-B-Que to your Propane tank.


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Put some SIZZLE in your Boating SUMMER.



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