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eye-guy-looking-aftSeeing around corners or around objects or even into another room is an impossible feat for most of us. But, it would make life a lot easier if we could.

Just imagine being able to see the tongue on your trailer as you are trying to hitch up, or seeing behind the boat when docking, or under the engine where you can't even reach. There are so many places where a second set of eyes would come in handy.

How would you like to have an extra set of eyes on your boat, in your garage, at home, at work, in a factory or at a jobsite?

Just think what that would mean. You could see in two places at once. You would be able to look at almost anything anywhere nearby, with a second set of eyes, while you do something else.

We have found the answer for you.

This neat new nautical gadget is a wireless rechargeable video camera and monitor that will change your life recreationally and commercially.

It is so simple to use—just mount and view.


swift-hitchYou can mount the camera with the magnetic base, suction cup, velcro or just tape it in place. No wires to route and hide, no drilling, no holes, no disconnecting, no rewiring as you move from site to site. The camera and monitor come with rechargeable batteries that last 4 hours or 10 hours depending on the model. Simple on/off switch controls.


Monitor from up to 300 feet away from the camera on the cell phone sized hand-held monitor on a 2 1/2" LCD colour screen with 960x240 resolution.


Ever wished you could....

eye-guy-looking-aftSee your trailer tongue behind your tailgate as you hitch up? Mounting this camera on your tailgate and being able to monitor from the drivers' seat, means that you will be able to line it up right every time. The image can be reversed to simplify steering. No more jumping in and out of the truck to check how close you are or aren't. Why "hitch by brail" when you don't have to?

See behind your large cruiser or motor yacht or trawler when docking? Mounting this camera on your transom will give you a direct view of the platform and dock while you are at the helm. You will have instant feedback of how much space is left between your platform and the dock, or how much space between your platform and the boat behind you. Most importantly, you'll be able to monitor your First Mate's safety when she is working the platform. This docking aid will make docking so much easier and safer.

Watch your dinghy in heavy seas? Many times, the Captain can't see the dinghy (either on davits or on a tow line) from the helm. In these cases, the remote video camera can monitor for you providing readout at the helm. Remove the stress.

Monitor the cabin during a rough crossing? When the weather turns bad, you just have to hold the course in rough seas. This is particularly dangerous when someone has to go below to the head or to retrieve something. When the Captain can't see the cabin interior from the helm, this wireless video camera could do the monitoring and give instant feedback of any problems (someone has fallen, etc) to you at the helm.

eye-guy-looking-upSee a snagged halyard or fouled windex at the top of your mast? Sometimes things go wrong at the top of the mast and you can't see from the deck what the problem is. You can't tell whether it can be fixed from a bosun's chair or the mast has to be lowered—either of which costs you money. Sending this video camera up to the top of the mast will give you extra eyes where you can't be to see. Tie it to a free halyard and raise it or tape it to the end of a long extension pole. Just be sure to turn it on before you send it up. Then, diagnose the problem from the video feedback.

eye-guy-looking-under2Safely see under the engine when it's running? Mounting this video camera in the engine compartment of the boat or vehicle will allow you to watch for suspected problems and diagnose safely—even when running at speed.

Watch your trailer on the ramp? Quite often the trailer has a mind of its own when backing down the ramp—especially when you are alone. Why not mount this remote video camera on the back of your vehicle and see on your dash what your trailer is doing? It works for RV's. It will work for you too.

Monitor your boat while you aren't there? When waiting for expected friends or the unwanted friends (animals) you can monitor from another boat or a bar, picnic table or barbeque within 300 feet. Monitor day or night with automatic night vision capability. The camera has 7 built-in infrared lights for a 15' night vision range. These lights are invisible to human or animal eyes making it possible to monitor your subject without detection.

And it Isn't just for Boats

There are so many more uses for this amazing remote video camera around house and work.

  • eye-guy-forwardLook under the car to assess damage or problems when it's too tight to crawl under.
  • Monitor the baby's room from elsewhere in the house.
  • Check for blockages in your evestrough.
  • Monitor the chicken coop for predators with automatic night vision.
  • Monitor the kids playing in the back yard.
  • See over the front hood of your truck or tractor as you hook up your plow or bucket.
  • View inside a nest of baby birds as they feed.
  • Inspect large, noisy machinery when it's too dangerous to stand close by.
  • Watch a vicious weather event from a safe location when there's flying debris.

Now you can see in two places at once!


You can see where you can't be.


Order your Wireless Remote Video Camera and Monitor Today. Start seeing in two places at once.


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