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Boaters Who Have a Head on Your Boat,

"Stinky Holding Tanks can destroy marriages!"

Order your Tank-ette with 5 Bullets
and Save Odor and Money!


Receive a FREE digital copy of First Mate 101, Immediately

Prices in US$ - Shipping to US & Canada is included - Outside Canada and US shipping extra.




$99 (freight collect)


5-Pack Tankette Bullets

$53 (freight collect)

Total of Both Products $152.00
Order Both Today

$133.00 with Bonus and free shipping


Digital Copy of
First Mate 101 

$23.95 Value


with your order of
Tankette and Bullets

 Shipping to US and Canada Included on the above Tankette Package only
Tax on Canadian Orders only Calculated on Shopping Cart

Order Your Tankette, Bullets and Bonus today

Be Odor-Free for the Whole Summer


for $133.00

 Prices in US$


For Package of Bullets Only - $53.00  order-now

For Tankette Only - $99.00                     order-now


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