Anchoring Your Boat


Whether you are planning a week long anchorage on the water with your family or just a meal swinging on the hook, this e-Lesson gives you the complete lowdown on how to anchor your boat.

Anchoring is the method of securing your boat when you are staying where there is no dock. It is usually an adventurous location rather than in the confines of a Marina.

All boats must have an anchor and sufficient line to let out the scope required to hold it securely. Do you have enough line on board and know the proper scope to use for the duration of your stay?

Putting out too little scope is one of the most common mistakes made when anchoring.

Different Anchors for Different Bottoms

Different shaped anchors are intended for different bottoms-that’s lake bottoms! And, taking a few minutes to learn how to set your anchor(s) will keep your family safe the next time you anchor out and you won’t be up all night worrying.

How Many Anchors do you Need?

Depending on the size of your boat and where you do your boating, you may need more than one anchor and more than one type of anchor if the bottom where you are planning to cruise and anchor is different.

This e-lesson covers the most popular anchors and how to anchor in most situations, as well as what not to do when anchoring. When planning your trip, pay attention to the type of lake bottom and carry the right type of anchor(s), chain and line—lots of line.

Anchoring – Done easily and safely

You don’t have to be wonder woman to weigh an anchor. Learn how to do it easily and safely.

Doug Dawson’s e-Lesson focuses on the easy and safe way to securely lower and set anchors and raise them. Anchoring should not be stressful or dangerous. It should be understood, safe and easy.

Knowing how to set your anchor makes the difference between staying put and drifting onto the rocks.

‘Anchor Your Boat’ e-Lesson

‘Anchoring your Boat’ e-Lesson will teach you:

  • the different types of anchors and their intended purposes
  • how to lower and set your anchor
  • how to raise your anchor
  • how to care for your anchor and line
  • the difference between a rope, a line and a rode
  • the scope required
  • anchoring without yelling
  • definitions for rope, line, rode, anchor, chocks, cleats, scope, windlass, yawing, swaying, pitching, heaving, surging, rolling, dropping the hook, anchor winch and many more
  • and much, much more

Knowing this will give you the confidence to do it right and enjoy those remote anchorages with your family.

If you ever have to anchor in adverse conditions, you’ll know how to save your family and your vessel by knowing exactly what to do.

Anchor right and you’ll sleep all night.
Don’t and you won’t!

Download ‘Anchoring Your Boat’ E-Lesson

Download ‘Anchoring Your Boat’ e-Lesson, print it out and take it with you.

Anchoring is easy when you know how.

Share it with your First Mate and crew so you all are on the same plan operating like a team with each knowing what the other is doing.

You just need to imagine...