First Mate 101


“The Things Women Don’t Know About Boating Could Fill A Book…

“How-To” Wisdom for Women in Boating, First Mate 101 Has The Confidence-Building Detail You Need To Stop Worrying And Start Boating.

That isn’t to say that First Mate’s have to be bound by the First Mate duties, she can switch hats often and become the Captain while he tends the lines, anchor, etc. First Mate and Captain are positions with specific duties–not gendres.

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Anchoring Your Boat e-Lesson ($19 value) and Communicating Aboard e-Lesson ($19 value)

This book is so much more than how to be a First Mate:

  • Claim your place on board and be the kind of First Mate who knows how to “dance” with their Captain.
  • Switch Hats often and take the Helm while he takes the position of First Mate.
  • Maximize the limited space on your boat.
  • Keep ice for 11 days in a cooler.
  • Dozens of innovative tips on how to store everything from food, equipment, bedding, furniture to all the other comforts of home that you want to take boating.
  • Work together with the Captain to dock your boat safely, confidently (and without yelling at each other!)
  • Work the ropes— the anchor, bow line, stern line, spring lines, tow line and even rafting lines (and know what the heck all of those lines are!)
  • Present yourself as that incredible couple to the others in the marina. (sure beats being exposed as a “newbie”)
  • Learn what the correct “boating etiquette” is when docked in the harbour.
    manage and store canvas to keep it long-living and quick to put up and take down (great for when bugs come!)
  • How to deal with the unique challenges of preparing meals on board and turn meal time into a special time
  • Deal with the bugs!
  • Complete lesson on footwear (who would’ve thought!)
  • And much, much more

We’ve all seen them. Couples who have turned boating into an incredible dance, a sight to behold. This is a couple with a First Mate and Captain who are in sync with each other. And, I’m happy to say, that’s been my experience boating with my husband Doug for more than 40 years now.

You just need to imagine...