How to Dock a Sailboat


Learning how to dock a sailboat is probably the most important skill you can acquire to make your sailing experience more enjoyable.

Sailboats respond to the combination of tiller/wheel, shift and throttle, so it is most important to learn the combinations that result in docking your sailboat with ease.

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This Docking Lesson will show you how to dock a sailboat and is for all sizes of sailboats with motors: (It does not cover how to sail)

  • tiller with outboard
  • tiller with inboard/saildrive
  • wheel with outboard
  • wheel with inboard/saildrive.

You will learn:

  • sailboat docking lessonHow a sailboat responds to the tiller/wheel, shift, and throttle
  • How to easily and safely dock a sailboat bow first and stern first
  • Handling Techniques Under power – You will begin by learning the handling techniques of a sailboat under power in open water exercises
  • Docking Procedures and Techniques – Then, you will learn simple docking procedures and techniques that will allow you to
    • Dock your sailboat bow first tying port side or starboard
    • Dock your sailboat stern first tying port or starboard side
    • Parallel docking a sailboat at a fuel dock
    • What not to do and why
  • The “Stay-Aboard” docking procedure and the “Step-Off” docking procedure so your First Mate can either stay safely aboard or step off onto the dock using Dawsons proven FLIPP Line™ procedure
  • Securing Procedures and Techniques – Part of docking your boat is securing it. You will learn how to secure the boat as part of the docking procedure. Once secured, you can tie your boat appropriately for the situation.

how to dock a sailboatDoug Dawson has docked and sailed everything from 14′ to 48′. He taught sailing to his Sea Scouts for 10 years.

Doug’s proven docking techniques will help you and your First Mate eliminate the fear and dock your sailboat with ease.

docking a sailboat hughesBoth the Captain and First Mate should study this lesson and practice together as a team to ensure that you both know and understand what to do, and what to expect of each other when docking.

It will be the best investment you could ever make. Make docking your Sailboat fun—not fearful. Your First Mate, family and guests will thank you and enjoy sailing with you.

64 pages of “how to” step-by-step docking instructions with pictures and 45 easy-to-follow diagrams

Dock your Sailboat with confidence. Use for many sailboats including:

  • Bavarian
  • Beneteau
  • Blue Jacket
  • C&C
  • Catalina
  • Dehler
  • Delphia
  • Dufour
  • Hanse
  • Hunter
  • J-Boat
  • Jeanneau
  • MacGregor
  • Moody
  • Precsion
  • Sabre
  • Tartan

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