Single Inboard Houseboat


Docking a Single Inboard Houseboat requires different techniques….

Houseboats are different than other types of boats on the water. This Lesson covers the differences and the challenges they create, as well as how to overcome those challenges to dock Safely and Easily. With 61 Pages with 62 pictures and diagrams, you’ll look and feel like a pro when docking with Doug’s simplified, proven instructions instead of fumbling through, hoping you don’t hurt the boat or your crew. In pdf format.

Single inboard Houseboats are the most difficult of all houseboats to dock without the right instructions!

How to Dock a Single Inboard Houseboat Bow First—

Both in your slip and at a gas dock.

  • Learn how your Houseboat handles, when docking–illustrated with easy to follow diagrams.
  • Doug starts with open water exercises in the boat docking Lesson, so you learn how your drive system works.
  • When finished your open water exercises, you will know what to expect as you use the wheel, throttle and shift.
  • Then, it’s easy to approach a dock and dock bow first–no fear, no guessing, no hoping for the best, no jumping, no injuries, no boat hook. No shouting and no swearing–just good team work.
  • Doug’s FLIPP Line™ Procedure, will make docking and securing your Single inboard Houseboat a simple easy procedure.
  • Dock your single inboard Housesboat easily and safely with a complete understanding of what to do and how to do it–especially in front of an audience.

Once you know how your Houseboat was meant to be handled, boat docking is EASY. It’s just a matter of practicing Doug’s proven techniques specific to your Single inboard Houseboat.

Let Doug Show You the EASY Way to dock your houseboat…

Dawson’s Marina Limited was the largest marine dealer for Houseboats in Canada during the 60’s and 70’s. Doug Dawson developed and perfected handling and docking techniques for Single Inboard Houseboats and taught hundreds of houseboat buyers how to dock.

With this Lesson, you will learn your boat’s unique dance moves and be able to waltz smoothly as one, and dock your boat with ease.

Happy Boating!

Doug Dawson

P.S. You can spend your summer being frustrated and nervous docking your houseboat with everyone watching, and even worse, damaging your boat….or get this boat docking Lesson “Docking Your Single Inboard Houseboat” and be able to put on a show like a pro and be the talk of the dock!


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