Pontoon Video


Single Outboard

This Video covers:

  • on the water exercises
  • docking with forward gate
  • docking with side gate
  • docking with aft gate

Safely and Easily.

Pontoon Boat Docking Video

pontoon docking video

  • How to easily execute a tight turn within your narrow harbor channel.
  • How to easily dock your boat on both the port and starboard sides.
  • How to keep your First Mate not only safe, but happy during docking.
  • How to really, easily dock against a strong off-the-dock wind.
  • Other tips and tricks to stress-free docking.
  • Downloadable Video (MP4)
Pontoon Boats are different from other types of boats on the water and have much to offer boating families.
  • Decks are flush and close to the height of most lower docks or floating docks.
  • Twin or triple pontoons provide a very stable platform for families of all ages.
  • The deck or floor is flat from bow to stern with no steps or ladders.
  • Square corners forward and aft accommodate easier stepping on and off.
  • Some have a safe forward deck and some don’t.
  • Some have a safe aft deck and some don’t.
  • Some have a side gate or two.
 All these and other features, make docking Pontoons different. Some features make them more difficult and some make them easier to dock than conventional bowriders or cuddies.
Pontoon Boats require different instructions and different handling techniques than conventional boats.


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