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If you have a Twin Sterndrive boat, you need to know how to dock it. 

This will simplify docking your Twin Sterndrive Boat. Approximately 120 pages with diagrams and pictures and step-by-step instructions in pdf format.

This boat docking lesson will teach you both systems and on which boat each works best and how to dock bow first. This will simplify docking your Twin Sterndrive. Approximately 120 pages with 140 diagrams and photos withproven, detailed, step-by-step instructions.

THANK YOU So much your instructions are very clear and helpful! I wish I would have found you 2 years ago.

Jeff S., PA

“Many thanks!  I just moved from a single I/O to a Twin I/O and seemed to be getting worse each time I back into the dock. I could never figure out when to use one or two drives, when to turn the drives vs using one or the other ,etc. This makes so much sense to me and I’ll be trying it the rest of the season.

Thanks again! “

—Allan Darr, PA

Brenda, thank you, and your husband for the Lessons. I read the introductory book and the chapters in the advanced that apply to my boat and docking situation. The tips on the arch, momentum, 3-5 seconds of throttle to adjust were extremely helpful. I nailed docking the last 7-8 times without drama, cussing, or tears. It took some practice, but my comfort level has increased 100 fold.

Thank you.

—Bob Hilken TX


I wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate your instructional information. My wife and I purchased our first boat last year to place in a marina on the San Francisco Bay. We bought a 2000 28′ cruiser that had twin stern drives.

Having very little boating experience, I hired a captain to give me some instruction on my boat in order to comfortably utilize it in the marina and on the very intimidating SF Bay. The instructor only had one theory, steer the boat by use of the two shifter system. While I was able to drive the boat in the marina effectively, it left me with very little confidence to get into our tight slip with another expensive boat right next to us.

At that time, I could not imagine me taking the boat out without additional experienced help. So, I researched the internet for instruction, and thankfully found your site. Everything I was reading about your ARC system just made absolute sense to me. I was much more comfortable steering with the wheel and then utilizing single engines to maneuver in tight spaces. I purchased your written manual and also your video on docking twin stern drive boats. I proceeded to read, watch and visualize the process enough to finally get the confidence to try it out.

Yesterday, I put in practice everything you taught about driving twin sterndrives. It could not have gone any better. I was able to back out of the dock, run to the dump station, docked there, left that dock, returned to our dock and successfully docked the boat without incident. It was such a great experience, I look forward to many more in the future and it was all due to your lessons. Thank you for all your help!

—An appreciative boater


Thank you so very much Doug.  I have not watched the video yet, but just want you to know how much i appreciate you!  Just talking to you calms me down and gives me more confidence.  I must get this docking procedure right Doug.  I can’t go anywhere and enjoy my boat.  Your lessons have been great.  I have learned how my engines, props, steering, running one engine (ARC) and other things work. While i may not use the method, I still endorse it.  And I certainly appreciate you showing me another way.  I sent you a picture this morning of my boat.  That is all i have until i get back to the dock.  We gonna get this right one day and it will be one of the happiest days of my life!!  Simple for you, driving me nuts!!  Thanks again to you and your lovely wife.

—Cyril Jefferson, NY

“If-Then” for all conditions and situations…
Boat Docking Simplified

dock-tio-intro-diagramI’ve eliminated all the technical details and hard stuff and concentrated on how your boat responds to the wheel, shift and throttle(s) so you know what to do and what to expect of your boat.

My Lessons will instruct you how to confidently dock in all conditions and situations using a simple formula of “if-then” statements. For example; if you want to move ahead, then you push the gear shift into forward.

My step-by-step instructions (with 140 diagrams) show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why without a lot of technical jargon or engineering terminology.

Simple Step-by-Step Instructions on how to Dock Your Twin Sterndrive Boat Bow First—Both in your slip and at a gas dock.

  • docking-twin-inboardLearn how your sterndrives handle your boat, illustrated with easy to follow diagrams.
  • Doug starts with open water exercises in the boat docking Lesson, so you learn how your twin sterndrives work together and separately.
  • When finished your open water exercises, you will know what to expect as you use the wheel, throttles and shifts.
  • Then, it’s easy to approach a dock and dock bow first–no fear, no guessing, no hoping for the best, no jumping, no injuries, no boat hook. No shouting and no swearing–just good team work.
  • Doug’s FLIPP Line™ method, will make docking and securing your boat a simple easy procedure.
  • Dock your Twin Sterndrive easily and safely with a complete understanding of what to do and how to do it–especially in front of an audience

Doug also Teaches

  • Why it’s not your fault docking is so difficult
  • What to expect as you use the wheel, shifts and throttles
  • How to outsmart the wind/current/fairway momentum
  • How to recover from screw-ups
  • Doug’s FLIPP Line™ procedure to simplify docking
  • What not to do and why
  • How to dock bow first in 4 different winds with left approach tying port and starboard sides
  • How to dock bow first in 4 different winds with right approach tying port and starboard sides
  • All 16 scenerios are complete and with independent instructions
  • How to parallel dock at a gas dock/restaurant dock

Once you know how your boat was meant to be handled, boat docking is EASY. It’s just a matter of practicing Doug’s techniques specific to your Twin Sterndrive.

When you have mastered docking bow first (usually takes several weeks to a whole season), you will be ready for “Docking Your Twin Sterndrive–ADVANCED” for stern first docking and many more neat docking maneuvers.

Your First Mate doesn’t even have to get off the boat, or struggle to the bow or swing a boat hook. It is easier and much safer, eliminating stress, fear and yelling.

Dock your Twin Sterndrive of I/O boat powered by a pair of Mercruiser, OMCobra, Volvo or other sterndrives with confidence. There are many to choose from including:

  • Baja
  • Bayliner
  • Campion
  • Chaparral
  • Checkmate
  • Chris Craft
  • Cobalt
  • Cruisers Yachts
  • Donzi
  • Doral
  • Formula
  • Fountain
  • Four Winns
  • Larson
  • Monterey
  • Regal
  • Rinker
  • SeaRay
  • Thompson
  • Thundercraft
  • Wellcraft
  • All other T I/O’s

Get Direct Access To One Of The World’s Leading Experts On Docking!

Remember, you have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Happy Boating!

Doug Dawson

P.S. You can spend your summer being frustrated and nervous docking your boat with everyone watching, and even worse, damaging your boat….or get this Lesson “Docking Your Twin Sterndrive” and be able to put on a show like a pro and be the talk of the dock!

I really appreciate the quick reply. I recently upgraded to a twin engine boat and your video along with literature has helped tremendously. Thanks again and happy boating!!!!

—Ron IL


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