Single Sterndrive Video


For those boaters who need to hear and watch instructions as well as to read them, we have produced an 18 minute video with Rob MacLeod of Informed Boater. We recommend that you buy the Lesson and the Video together–not just the video. The Video complements the Lesson.

The Video shows you how easily your boat handles using the proper combination of wheel and shift.

You will learn in the video and lesson, how easy it is to dock a single sterndrive. You will be amazed.

How to Dock a Single Sterndrive Cruiser: Preview


Using the Lesson along with this video will help you learn these docking skills.

Your First Mate doesn’t even have to get off the boat, or struggle to the bow or swing a boat hook. It is easier and much safer, eliminating stress, fear and yelling.

Simplified docking = Enjoyment.

The Single Sterndrive Video shows you what you will be able to do, after practicing and mastering Dawson’s Docking Techniques in the “Docking Your Single Sterndrive “


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