Twin Inboard Advanced


Even Boaters Who Think They Can Dock Will be Able to do it Even Better & Look Like a Pro!

The basic techniques described in “Docking Your Twin Inboard” with full step-by-step detail of how to execute and why it works is only referred to in the ADVANCED Lesson.

Skipping the Introductory Lesson and starting with the Advanced Lesson is like building a house without a foundation. You need a good solid foundation first–one that is designed for the building. Perfect the techniques in Introductory before you start this lesson to get the best results. In pdf format.

Boat Docking Simplified

I’ve eliminated all the technical details and hard stuff and concentrated on how your boat responds to the wheel, shifts and throttles so you know what to do and what to expect of your boat.

My step-by-step instructions (with diagrams) show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why without a lot of technical jargon or engineering terminology so you can learn to dock your boat confidently in all conditions and situations.

“Docking Your Twin Inboard – ADVANCED” is 267 pages. Chapter 1 includes the symbols and the introduction. Because a lot of this advanced lesson involves backing into a slip and a  long gas dock, I discuss the difference between low helm profiles and high helm profiles with docking technique for easier maneuvering. It is a must read.

After reading Chapter 1, choose your docking situation and print it out for you and your First Mate to read through several times before taking to your boat to practice the lesson.

If you prefer, you can print the whole Lesson (about 130 sheets of paper printed 2 sides), three hole punch and put in a 1″ ring binder or take to your local office supply store and have them serlox bind it for you. It is approximately $4.00 for the serlox binding including a clear plastic cover and hard back cover.

Each of the dozens of docking situations is self contained (there is some duplication from one situation to another) so that you don’t have to flip pages back and forth. Just take the pages for your particular docking situation and the lesson is complete. This way, you can learn them one at a time.

What Does it Cover?

  • Docking with a First Mate Stern First in all wind directions tying on the port side and the starboard side, with approaches from the left and right of your slip.
  • Backing into a Gas Dock between other boats in four different wind situations.
  • Parallel Docking at a Gas Dock between other boats in four different wind situations
  • Backing into slips that have pilings at the end of a stubby finger dock
  • Pivoting on Pilings or Posts
  • Bow in to a Restaurant Dock or Dinghy Dock or Beach (Mediterranean Docking)
  • Rafting several boats together
  • Single-Handed Docking
  • Dock Helpers
  • Picking up and Dropping a Mooring Ball
  • Undocking
  • Gas Dock Shuffle
  • Sideways Gear
  • Bow Thrusters
  • More Neat Docking Maneuvers to impress your friends

Your books are very helpful.  I panicked this weekend when I took delivery of the new 32’ inboard and tried to use the I/O procedures when leaving the dock and quickly learned they are two different animals.  I have a 10 hour flight this Saturday to Florida where the new boat awaits (the family has not seen it) and I look forward to reading these new materials before we get there.

David Downs, Durango, Colorado

Hi Doug, I am starting to be a better captain, with less fear and stress at the docking time. Thanks Doug and Brenda Dawson. I live a new life and I am enjoying my boat every week end, because, as you know, Haiti is sunny all over the year. Very truly yours,

Ernst Achille, Haiti

How Much Does it Cost?

This Lesson would cost $1,000’s for a Boat Handling Trainer to come on your boat and instruct you. You can get it all here in this Lesson for…..Less than 1 Hour of “Hands-On” Instruction by a professional Boat Handler who would come to your boat.

As one boater put it “Compared to the investment I made in my boat, this Lesson is a drop in the bucket. The boat isn’t any good to me without knowing how to dock it confidently.”

Get Direct Access To One Of The World’s Leading Experts On Docking!

Remember, you have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Happy Boating!


Doug Dawson

P.S. You can spend your summer being frustrated and nervous docking your boat with everyone watching, and even worse, damaging your boat….or get this Advanced Lesson and be able to put on a show like a pro and be the talk of the dock! P.P.S. You can’t lose when you accept this no-risk offer. If you’re disappointed with your docking Lesson for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase payment in FULL.


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