Major Update of Brochure Library

Doug has just finished filing hundreds more brochures to our collection. Now we have thousands catalogued in our library. Since the 1950’s, Doug and Brenda have been gathering brochures-one of each. You can see the complete list at Old Boat Brochures. To keep the collection in tact, we scan boat models and email jpeg or pdf files for a small fee.

For years, people from around the world have been requesting brochure pages for various reasons:

Bragging Rights

Get an electronic copy of your boat brochure page(s) for bragging rights. Print it and frame it small for your bulkhead, larger for your desk, and/or really big for your bar/den/family room.

You can also laminate the brochure pages and keep them on board. Use as place mats or just as part of your Boat Manual.

Gift For Family Member or Friend

Do you ever have trouble finding just the right gift for certain people? Why not give them a copy of the original brochure page(s) of their boat? Boaters who have received this as a gift are delighted to frame it and proudly show it off.

Goal Setting for a New Boat

Most of us seem to get ‘two-foot-it is’ at one time or another and want a bigger boat. Picking out the boat of your dreams and getting a copy of the brochure to use as your goal setting image is most helpful in bringing your dreams to reality.

Sales Aid for Selling

A brochure copy is a great sales aid when it comes time to sell your boat. All the information is there-specs, standard equipment, optional equipment, pictures, copy, floorplans and more. A prospective buyer will be impressed with the detail.

Accurate Specs for buying, insuring or surveying

When it’s time to buy or trade up, you’ll have the specs and brochure details ahead of the salesperson. It is also helpful to have this information for your insurance company and surveyor.

When purchasing a trailer, you need the accurate weight of the boat. When applying for an old boat vessel licence, you need accurate horsepower ratings and load capacity for the Department of Transport. All this information is in the original brochures.


If your older boat needs to be refurbished or restored, an old boat brochure will show you how it used to be before a previous owner ‘customized’ it, changing it from its original state.

Add to Family History Album

Get one for each of the boats you’ve owned, to complete your special nautical album-‘Boats I’ve enjoyed over my lifetime’.

Do You Have Brochures You Don’t Need Any More?

Do you or any of your family members have old brochures collecting dust, (especially those not on our list) that you don’t know what to do with? We gladly accept brochure donations to our library to help more boaters around the world. Our mailing address is on the ‘Contact Us‘ page on our website.

Doug and Benda


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