The First Step in Boat Buying

“I saw a boat on the way home yesterday” Jim said to his wife the other day. “I think I’d like to get into boating” he continued. “They are only asking $x for the boat and trailer and I was wondering if it is a good deal and is it a good boat?”

We hear stories like this quite often and so many times it turns out to be a horror story.

As it turns out, Jim found a boat that was in the right price range, but he was about to make the same mistake most boat buyers make.

Even if a boat is half of the realistic retail price, it is no bargain if it is the wrong type of boat for you. It could end up costing you many times the price you paid.

There is an easy process to follow to make sure you don’t make this common mistake of buying the wrong type of boat for you.

Primary Use

The first step in buying a boat is deciding what you and your family (or whoever is going to be enjoying it with you) want to do with it. Asking several questions will quickly determine this for you. Questions like:

  • Do you want a day boat for short trips?
  • Will you or your passengers need a toilet on board?
  • Do you need cooking facilities?
  • Do you need a cabin for changing?
  • Do you or the kids need a bunk for an afternoon nap?
  • Do you want to water ski?
  • Do you want to fish?
  • Are you planning to always be on protected calm water?
  • Are you going to venture out on big unprotected water that gets rough?
  • Are you going to trailer the boat?
  • Does your vehicle have sufficient towing capacity?

Secondary Use

Once you determine what your primary use is going to be, then you need to decide your secondary use or uses. For example; skiing may be your primary activity, as well you may also want to go fishing sometimes.

Matching Activities to Boat Type

Now comes the matching your needs or activities to the boat types on the market. There are 70 different boat types, so it can be very difficult to pick the right boat type for your combination of boating needs.

Doug Dawson has recognized this challenge for boat buyers and has written a report “Boating Activities and Boat Types” outlining the activities and types in great detail. He then simplifies the matching up process for you. Just pick your activities and go to the cross referenced boat types for that activity. There is a description of each of the different motor types, fuel types and hull types.

Each boat type is described in detail with primary and secondary uses, size range, price range new and used, motor type, fuel type, along with features and benefits. This will help you narrow down your search to just the boat types that are suitable for you.

Once you have narrowed your search to just a few boat types from 70, boat shopping will be a whole lot simpler and you’ll avoid all the wasted time and effort looking at boats that aren’t suitable, and would cause you grief if you purchased them.

Boating Activities and Boat Types Report

Buy this 100-page report: “Boating Activities and Boat Types

1 thought on “The First Step in Boat Buying”

  1. It is great to know that the first step to take before buying a boat is to determine what you want to use it for. My dad wants to buy a boat so our family can spend more time together during the summer on the lake. I’ll make sure he looks for a boat that will suit that specific purpose.

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