Now is the Time – Canvas Repair

As we are writing this newsletter, we had probably the biggest snow storm of the year in southern Ontario. We spent all day blowing and shoveling snow as did most of the population in Ontario and Quebec and many of the eastern States. Hardly the time to be thinking about boating!

But, this afternoon, we are on the road with boating very much on our minds.

Canvas/Upholstery Repairs

We are on our way to visit our canvas/upholstery guy. We remembered talking with him last summer about needing to replace the upholstery on the helm and companion seats on our boat, Windy.

Best Time

He told us that the best time to do this was in the winter or early spring when he isn’t as busy. It would be better for him because it would earn him some off season work and lighten his spring rush. For us, we’d have the boat ready before spring launch. We wouldn’t have to miss any boating days waiting in line for him to finish our upholstery.

If you are planning to replace your convertible top, camper and side curtains, please check our newsletter from last spring that offers dozens of suggestions of features for you to consider and discuss with your canvas guy before he starts cutting and sewing. Check the article Replacing Your Canvas.

What Projects do you have on your List?

Do you have upholstery that needs to be sewn or replaced? Or, do you have canvas that needs to be repaired or perhaps renewed? Do you have a stainless steel project like custom davits or arch or a swim ladder extension or even an extra handhold? Do you have a woodworking project like a step box or a special cupboard or a helm extension or a compass bracket? Do you have any other projects that need to done for the upcoming boating season?

Don’t Lose Precious Boating Time

I remember all too well, having to schedule all the last minute orders for work from boaters at our family marina. They didn’t think ahead, and as a result, many of them lost precious boating time waiting for their projects to be finished. Most could have been done during the winter or spring–
off season.

Do it Now

Now is the time for you, if you haven’t already done it, to get these projects underway while it is too cold to work on the boat itself. But, in the warmth of a shop, these projects can be done or sub assembled and be finished well ahead of the spring rush.

Everybody wins. You get it before launch. The contractor/marina earns some off season revenue and it lessons the spring rush for everybody. Most importantly, your boat will be ready when the season starts.

Doug Dawson 080313

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