Stock up on Christmas Candles

Candles on board your boat aren’t a good idea. Why? Boats move and rock in wind gusts and waves. Having liquid wax and flame upset is a recipe for fire. Even if you take precautions and protect your flame, there are other problems. In a small cabin, as people move around a dinette table one with long hair could come close to the flame resulting in hair catching fire. Also, the soot from the flame blackens the headliner and curtains.

The solution can be found at Christmas.

Stores stock seasonal items so you probably won’t find them in the summer although I have found a couple of stores that stock them all year. Now is the time to stock up for your boating season.

You can now buy battery operated candles in all shapes and sizes and colours in the Christmas section of most stores. The small plain ones are from 1” to 3” high and the diameter of a tea light.

They flicker just like a real candle. You can place them inside any bowl, decorated jar or even inside the top of a real pillar candle. They are great on the boat setting the mood for evening wine or on the dinette or cabin shelf. There is no fear of fire and you can even get some with photo cells or timers so you can go to sleep with them on and not have to worry.

A further suggestion is to purchase one or two of each style that you encounter. Take them home and test them in the dark for the amount of light they give out, atmosphere and how long their batteries last. Once you’ve discovered which type is best for you, go back to the store and purchase a quantity to enjoy next summer.

The only drawback is that they require batteries. I am on the lookout for some solar powered candles. If you find any, let me know and I’ll pass it on through a future newsletter.

Brenda Dawson



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