Do You Need a License to Drive A Boat?

Everyone knows the procedure for obtaining a driver’s license to drive a car. After studying the rules of the road, you are required to pass a written exam, then a practical behind-the-wheel, on-the-road test.

It’s a little different for boating. You study the rules of the water and pass a written exam. There is no practical on-the-water lessons nor proficiency testing.

In Canada, you obtain a “pleasure craft operator card”. In the United States, the card is issued by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).

Canadians must carry the Card in Canada and when visiting the US. Reciprocally, Americans must carry their Card in the United States and when visiting Canada.

For more information about Canadian Boat Operator Cards, consult this website-

Boater Cards issued by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) are recognized for citizens of the United States. For more information visit

Operator Card On Line

There are many companies and organizations offering the boat operator card test. Most of them are set up at Boat Shows. But, did you know you can take your test on the internet? Have your whole family get a “Pleasure Craft Operator Card”. Now is the best time, before the boating season gets started. Get your Boating License Online!

Boat Handling Instruction

For the practical side of docking and handline a boat, you are on your own. Once you have “The Card”, it doesn’t mean you automatically know how to drive the boat. You still need to get boat handling instructions.

Some people may be able to find a boat handling instructor, but they are few and far between–mostly uninsured and expensive.

Just download the docking system appropriate for your drive system. Print them at home, then take out on your boat with you, and repeat the lesson as often as required.

Learn how to dock your boat the “Better Way” from a pro. Soon, you’ll dock with confidence. Boating will become more enjoyable and safer for you and your First Mate.

Learn the Tips and Tricks of Docking

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