Gas Prices–Don’t Stop Boating–Boat Smarter

fuel-nozzleDejà vu! “Gas prices are going through the roof” I read as I sorted through some papers the other day. It went on to say that boaters thought the world would end and that the price of fuel was going to stop power boaters from using their boats. Sound familiar? These papers I uncovered were from family history dated 1979!

Not much has changed has it?

“Contrary to opinions held by most sailors” the article said, “power boaters are still boating and buying large cruisers. Power boaters, like all groups enjoying recreation during their increased leisure hours, are not willing to give it up and stay in their cave all weekend….because of the price of fuel”. Why?

History repeats itself

Today we could write the same articles with a different dollar amount about fuel prices sky rocketing. We are all being forced to pay more for fuel at the pumps whether for cars or boats. We have no choice.

paying-moneyHowever, we do have a choice on how much fuel we use and there are many ways to do that and keep boating maximizing our boating enjoyment while conserving fuel. It’s just a balancing act.

1 of 27 Fuel Saving Tips

For example, one fuel saving tip (from our “27 Fuel Saving Tips“) is to boat closer to home. Instead of taking vacations great distances away, have a “Staycation”. Enjoy the local water and local marine facilities. You don’t need to travel a great distance to get to your boating destination. Bring your destination closer to home and save fuel. After all, your home waters are a destination to other boaters.

Boating Differently

The price of fuel in 1979 was high (I don’t remember the exact price) but low relative to a boater’s investment in boating – boat, insurance, dockage, storage, repairs, maintenance, etc. Power boaters just used their boats differently to reduce the amount of fuel usage but still be able to enjoy life on the water with their families.

The 1979 newspaper article concluded “Power boaters have changed their style of operation. Instead of running to the other end of the lake for a swim, they drop anchor close to their home port.

Boaters are anchoring in the bay enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the water with their family and friends. They raft several cruisers together, swim with their kids, wash the hull, tinker with their accessories, talk on their radios, socialize and relax aboard”.

It’s no different today. Fuel is now at $1.39/litre in Canada (April 2011) and expected to climb higher.

Something to keep in mind is that it isn’t just boating prices that are going up. Everything is going up in every industry and recreation.

happy-approvalStay with your choice of recreation and enjoy it by slightly changing the way you boat.

Don’t Stop Boating – Just Boat Smarter!

See “27 Fuel Saving Tips” to learn how to continue enjoying boating in spite of the rising fuel prices. You can download a pdf file at the end of the article.

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