How to Avoid Crew Mutiny on Your Boat

golf lessonBoating is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a family recreation enjoyed by millions for family fun, entertaining, relaxing, exploring, fishing and just being on the water.

Life truly is better on a boat.

As with all activities, for example; golf, tennis, painting your house or even handling and docking a boat, you can fumble through on your own, learn from a friend OR be taught by a Pro.

The results always tell the tale! Onlookers easily spot someone who has taken lessons from a pro or someone who hasn’t. Are your dockings worthy of a YouTube video?

Current Boater

If you are already enjoying boating, now may be a good time to invest in a lesson to improve your handling and docking skills. You may be comfortable with your docking ability; but, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a safer, better or easier way. Learning just one or two new techniques, could make the difference between your good docking and great dockings every time, which translates into a happier first mate and crew; thus, more fun on the water.

Each drive system requires different handling techniques; so, if you have traded your boat from a Single Sterndrive to a Twin Inboard, or a Single Outboard to a Twin Sterndrive for example, or any drive system change, your old docking methods will not work. Get instructions from a Docking Pro for your new drive system to avoid frustration and possible mutiny by your crew. It will be worth the investment.

New Boater

If you are new to boating, just purchased your first boat, or are looking to purchase one in the near future, we would strongly recommend that you shorten your learning curve. Learn “Right” from the start—how to handle and dock your new or “new-to-you” boat. Don’t waste years with trial and error, or getting the wrong instruction.

How do you find the right Instructor?

As in all things, there is good and bad. Docking instruction is no different.

golf lesson

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