Make Shift Chart Table

non-skid-fabricPam and her husband enjoy boating often in their mini cruiser on Ontario waterways, putting hundreds of hours of running time on their boat.

They like to use their paper charts to keep track of where they are at all times, being able to also see the “big picture” and know where they are relative to everywhere else.

Like many cruisers and cuddy cabins,

Pam’s boat doesn’t have a chart table. To accommodate this need, Pam closes the companionway door and flip-flop hatches to make a chart table.

To prevent her charts from sliding off the angled top, she rolls out a length of non-skid vinyl fabric. You probably have some already in your galley lockers to prevent your dishes from sliding around. Other places I’ve seen it used, is on my neighbors pick-up truck dash to prevent his sunglasses and cell phone from sliding around. You buy a roll of non-skid vinyl fabric at most hardware and automotive stores. It’s not expensive.

Roll it out across whatever semi-flat surface you have under the windshield. Spread out your chart. Set a couple of weights or clip a few clothes pins on the edge. It’ll hold your chart from sliding onto the cockpit sole. You can’t use protractors or parallel rulers, but that should be already done.

This idea is for tracking progress as you cruise, counting buoys and watching for rocks and a backup to your GPS/Chart Plotter. Thanks Pam for your great idea.

Please share your neat McGiver ideas, below.

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