Pay More – Save $411.87?

toilet-paperQuality is remembered, long after price is forgotten. I heard these words often as a child, from my Dad. He told me it was better to pay more and buy a quality product because it would last longer, I would enjoy it more and it would be cheaper in the long run.

But, today with prices going through the roof on just about everything, more and more people are shopping price just to make ends meet. Take toilet paper for your boat, for example. Why would you pay $1.50 per roll when you can buy one for 30 cents?

Well, let me tell you. I bought the marine quality toilet paper for our boat at $1.50/roll and saved $487.11! Dad was right!

Marine Toilets require Marine Paper

marine-jabsco-toiletMarine toilets are designed for use on boats that pump into a holding tank. Some are manual, some electric and some are a vacuflush. In all cases, the path from the bottom of the bowl is much smaller than a house toilet and they only use approximately one pint of water to flush compared to 2-6 gallons for a toilet in your home. Some systems have a macerator on the pump.

To keep an onboard system working properly, it is recommended that you only use marine or RV toilet paper because it has no plastics, dyes or colour—nothing that will interfere with the chemical in the tank, and it dissolves and breaks down so that it won’t gum up your pump and valves, and clog your tank, air breather and hoses. Growing up in a marina, I knew how important it was to buy the right products for the boat, so I bought the toilet paper that was $1.50/roll.

So, how did that save me $487.11?

Stinky, Messy Job

stink-faceWell, when I went to the marina to buy my toilet paper, the service manager told me how smart I was. One of his technicians was out back up to his elbows fixing a clogged toilet and tank that day. The owner had been using domestic toilet paper that didn’t break down. It clogged the toilet, the tank, the air breather and all the hoses. That repair turned out to be a huge job and a whopping $487.11.

Since I use the marine toilet paper, I don’t have to pay a repair bill; therefore, I saved $487.11.

Lesson learned?

Buy Marine. It may be more expensive up front, for good reason, but just like my dad said, it will be cheaper in the long run.

Brenda Dawson

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