Pets on Board

dog-boatingA high percentage of boat owners have pets (some reports say 60%) and the majority, take them on the boat with them as part of the family —more dogs than cats.

Special considerations are required to feed, water, exercise and protect your pets while boating.

I remember when we had our collie aboard years ago. Dancer loved the water and occasionally she would…

lean over too far while biting the water splashing up beside the deck when on plane. In she would go and we’d have to circle back and pick her up. Life Jackets simplified the pickup and are a must for pets. We had to allow for food and water and of course, stopping often to let her do her business.

cat-boatingThere are many questions that come up about pets on the boat that would take a website to answer them all. Just recently, I got a notice about a new website “Pets and Water Safety” created by Searay Boats to help boat owners keep their pets healthy and happy on the water. They have special offers and articles and tips that may be helpful to you.

Another site that has information on pets boating is Pats Boating . If you have questions about your pets, perhaps some answers can be found on these sites or others they link you to.

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