Single Inboards Have a Mind of Their Own

wakeboard-boatThousands of single Inboards are sold every year with NO instruction for docking.

Dawsons “Docking Your Single Inboard” e-Lesson has helped so many boaters over the years and we are happy to report that we have added 120 pages to the e-Lesson of step-by-step detail on docking in all wind conditions as many have requested. It is now 151 pages with 178 diagrams and pictures for you, a fsingle inboard stubbornnessamily member or your buddies.

Every Single Inboard owner knows that his boat is stubborn, and has a one-track mind. This “port prop pull stubbornness in reverse” often creates a dreaded, embarrassing disaster at the dock. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

They are not “impossible to dock”. A Single Inboard can be controlled and docked smoothly every time, when you know how to outsmart it.

Docking a Single Inboard is a duplicatable skill if your follow the correct instructions. Our “Docking Your Single Inboard” e-Lesson teaches you how to outsmart the single inboard stubbornness and one-track mindedness and take control turning your docking into an easy maneuver.

chris-craft-ibThis lesson is for you or one of your buddies who has a Single Inboard Ski Boat, Wake Board Boat, Trawler, Wooden Launch, Wooden Cruiser or older F/G Single Inboard.

cypress-gardens-water-skiers-dawsonsDoug Dawson started learning to drive Single Inboards when he was 6 years old. His Dad (4th generation in the boat business) owned and operated Dawson Boat Works. He was contracted by the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto Canada in the early 1950’s to tow the Cypress Gardens water skiers to put on the waterfront show.

Doug learned from the best. All this knowledge is incorporated into “Docking Your Single Inboard” e-Lesson for you to shorten your learning curve, or to improve your already established docking skills. No need to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.

If you are ready to improve your docking skills or know a buddy who needs help, this is the only instruction you need to confidently dock your Single Inboard pride and joy—whether it is a ski boat, wake board boat, or other single inboard.

No more embarrassing crash landings, just smooth confident docking.

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