Stay Out of the Dog House

dog houseThe last thing a Captain wants to do is end up in the Captain’s Dog House!

But, unfortunately, it does happen and it puts a real damper on boating.

Just the other day another Captain ended up in the Dog House.

You may find this scenario familiar to what you may have seen in your harbor.

The situation

As the Captain brings his cruiser into the marina, “The Mrs.” rushes around the narrow side decks hanging the fenders and securing the stern line.

Just before the Captain takes aim for their dock, she flies up to the sloped forward deck with her “magic bow line”. She’s expected to throw it out and around that distant dock cleat, then magically have it boomerang back to her hand—like she read on some docking forums.

throwing lines

Unexpectedly, the Captain slams the motor into reverse to stop quickly, because he just realized that wind, he didn’t allow for, had blown his bow.

Their bow was about to T-bone the end of the dock. “The Little Woman” loses her balance, ending up hanging over the bow rail, like wet laundry.

In the heat of his panic, he shouts “Jump! Jump! Get that rope tied!”

The Result

Instant Dog House. Their day goes down hill fast from there. No joy tonight for that Captain.

happy danceThe Alternative

Keep your First Mate safely off the foredeck. Keep your First Mate happy and; therefore, you out of the Dog House.


Learn how to dock you boat, while keeping your First Mate safe and happy.

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