What is an e-Book?

T-Sterndrive2webfirstmate bkcoverAn e-Book is an “electronic book”.

  • E-Books are called “electronic” because they are files that you access on your computer.
  • Like normal paper books, they have cover art, an author, editor, illustrator, publisher and story.
  • E-Books are available in any genre, any length and many formats.


Dawsons e-Lessons are e-Books of how-to instructions or lessons on one specific subject.
You can just buy the lesson you want or need.

Dawsons uses PDF (Portable Document Format) for e-Books and e-Lessons, because it is the standard. All platforms can gain access and read PDF formatting. PDF requires the Adobe Reader but this software comes on many new computers and if not included, it’s a free download from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/ca/products/reader.html . For those who prefer printing their e-Books or e-Lessons, PDF allows printing without any problems.

All Dawsons e-Books and e-Lessons have easy, step-by-step instructions, with pictures and diagrams. You can read on your computer, iPad or other device, or print and coil bind into a book to take with you to the boat. Being electronic, it is downloaded instantly—no waiting for “mail” or “courier” and no cost for shipping.

Printing your e-Book

We recommend:

  • You print on your own printer (2-sided is best), because it is less expensive than having it printed.
  • Then put it in a 3-ring binder.
  • OR, (better) take the printed pages to an office supply store and have them coil bind the pages for you (this includes a clear front cover, hard back cover and a coil down the side).
  • The coil binding is best, because you can turn the pages over completely so they don’t blow in the wind, and the e-Book or e-Lesson lays flat and takes up less space on the helm.

For boaters who haven’t experienced e-Books or e-Lessons before, we are here to help you. Just call or email Brenda@boatingwithdawsons.com and she will walk you through the process.

Once you have done it once, you’ll see how easy it is. www.BoatingWithDawsons.com


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