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Call: 1-519-538-2887

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Doug Dawson & Brenda Dawson

80 - 9th Street E
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Owen Sound ON
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Phone: (519) 538-2887
Monday through Friday 9:00 - 5:00 EST

email: brenda@boatingwithdawsons.com

email: doug@boatingwithdawsons.com

We’d love to hear from you.

Boaters from around the world keep sending their stories. This is great because it gives us an idea for another article. Each week or two, we sent out a newsletter to our subscribers and like to write about anything that will help boaters enjoy boating more. What matters to you, probably matters to many other boaters, so by sharing your story, we help boaters around the world.

You can also send or call you docking success stories using our proven docking techniques. We love to hear feedback on how your boating life has changed for the better after mastering our docking lessons. We also like to hear your docking challenges, so we can offer solutions to you and ultimately to other boaters who have the same challenges.

Please email or phone your article suggestions or your stories.  You can send photos if you wish and, if we use your story in an article, you can have your name on it or not—that is up to you.

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