Boating Tip— Bifocal Sunglasses

sun-glassesI need reading glasses just like millions of others with aging eyes. Several pair are scattered throughout the house. My only problem is having to wear sunglasses, especially on the boat where the bright sun is reflected off the water and white decks making it even harder on the eyes.

Wearing sunglasses is fine until I have to see the chart or the gauges or the GPS. Then, I have to take them off, find my readers and put them on while balancing and hanging on in a moving boat. I don’t have enough hands! Sound familiar?

Many women I have spoken to have the same difficulty and frustration and, like me, they’ve been putting up with it.

Then, one day, I saw Gail, a boater friend, at a party. She and Ed came by boat and Gail was excited to tell me about her solution to this problem.

Gail got prescription blended bifocals—no long distance correction, just close up. She loved them but was terrified of losing them after spending $300

I figured that since clear readers are readily available even at the Dollar Store, that we should be able to buy over-the-counter sunglasses with bifocals. Not so! I searched every store for years. Nothing.

sunglasses-bifocalsOne day this spring as I was checking out at Wal Mart, I went to the Prescription Glasses Department to check for bifocal sunglasses as I usually do. You can imagine my surprise when I saw a whole rack of them right out front. There were different styles, colours and strengths and they were only $10 each. WOW!

I quickly tried them on and bought two pair. Like Gail, I love them. Now I can see the chart, gauges, GPS and I don’t have to keep switching glasses AND I don’t have to worry if they accidentally fall overboard.

Such a simple solution to a hugely frustrating and annoying problem.

sunglasses-in-the-sunDo you have aging eyes and have problems on the boat switching your glasses and sunglasses?

If you do, I highly recommend checking out over-the-counter bifocal sunglasses.

It makes life on the boat so much easier and more enjoyable.

Brenda Dawson

Do you have another solution to “boating with aging eyes”?

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