Boater Rescue

Finding good news today is very rare, so we thought we would share a good news story about a boater who saved a life.

In the Owen Sound paper on July 2, 2020, I spotted the following report of a rescue by a boater:

Boater Assists in Rescue

Emergency services assisted a man who fell into the water by the east harbour wall in Owen Sound Harbour Wednesday.

Owen Sound Police were joined by Grey County paramedics and the Owen Sound Fire Department in responding to a call for a man who had fallen into the water and was in distress.

The man was unable to swim and couldn’t make it safely back to dry land, said Owen Sound Police Sergeant Elizabeth Cranny.

Emergency services personnel arrived to find the man being assisted by a passing boater. Cranny said the boater was helping keep the man afloat at the side of his boat when police arrived.

Emergency crews took over, and the man was brought to shore and taken to the Owen Sound hospital for treatment.

Police didn’t provide any more information on the man’s age or condition when contacted Wednesday.

The Owen Sound Police want to thank not only the witnesses who called 911, but also the boating bystander who acted quickly, and without hesitation, to save a life, a police media release said.

rescue boater

Boaters are always quick and willing to assist another boat or person in trouble on the water.

It is just what boaters do.

We would like to thank the quick thinking boater for saving a life this week in Owen Sound Harbour, as well as all boaters who are out enjoying life on the water and always keeping an eye out for others—being ready, willing and able to assist.

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