Is Your Boat Dock Ideal?

Marina with Empty Boat Dock

All docks are not suitable for all boats! Assuming you currently have the right boat for you and your family, do you also have the most suitable slip/dock/berth? If not, this is possibly the best time to negotiate, a better more suitable slip for your boat, and re-locate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused many changes in marinas and boating in general this year. This has resulted in some boaters giving up on boating for this season, leaving some empty slips, docks, berths at previously full harbors.

If this turns out to be the case at your marina, and you see empty slips, maybe one of them would be a more ideal location for you to relocate to.

Empty Slips?

  • First, inquire at the marina office, to see if they have any empty spots and, if there are lots of them, get a list.
  • Second, walk the docks to size up your choices to be more ideal than your present spot. Shorten the list.
A marina layout offers many boat dock choices.
Slip Choices
  • Third, on a typical day of wind and current, test out docking your boat in each spot on your shortened list. Also consider and rate the approach, turning space, recovery space, dock height, state of dock repair, your preferred side to tie on and the walking distance to washrooms and your vehicle.
  • Ask your family for their opinions of each spot, like are the potential neighbors; teetotalers vs partyers, small kids vs seniors, plus sun and/or wind into the cockpit, etc.
  • Which spot has less road noise, dust, annoying neighbors, seagulls, dogs and geese? What about smokers nearby?
  • Which spot has less ground swell from boat and commercial traffic?

Please comment below what other features, you consider important in selecting a more ideal boat dock.

Dock Products

You may wish to consider dock products that can make your dock even more suitable to your boating lifestyle. Would any of the following make things easier for you? A dock ladder, a dock step, side bumpers, corner bumpers, post bumpers, piling caps, dock floats, dock box, additional cleats, extra lines, dock lighting etc.

Assess all the dock-related things that are important for you for your boat docking and for your family, to make boating that much easier and more fun.

Docking Skills Upgrade

Now may also be the time to take your docking skills to the next level, so that you can maneuver in and out of your (present or re-located) slip with ease.

If you experience any yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork or embarrassment, now is definitely the time to look at some new docking lessons.

Prevent Crunchitis

Take the fear out of your docking and un-docking!

Go to and pick the lesson for your drive system. Then, you’ll be able to download an invisible boat docking instructor, upgrade your skills and impress your fellow boaters. They will wonder, how you managed to become such a pro.

  • Just one tip learned from our lesson could make all the difference to your docking challenges.
  • Download the detailed step-by-step docking lesson for your drive system today.
  • Your invisible docking instructor will be available in your lesson whenever you need him.
  • Surprise your boating friends when you dock like a pro!




Happy boating.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Boat Dock Ideal?”

  1. It sure was nice when you said that you must consider finding a spot that has less commercial traffic when looking for a boat dock spot. My husband and I are interested in hiring an aluminum dock installer next month. We bought a new property, and we need a boat dock there. We will do your tips to find the best sport.

  2. I understand from your comment that you want a dock installed in front of your own property. If you do have commercial traffic going by, you won’t have a lot of choice other than positioning the dock so that the boat is bow into the majority of the wakes that will come from the passing commercial traffic. Something your dock installer could add to dampen the wakes is what is called a floating seawall. Many marinas install these so perhaps your dock installer could scale down one of these for you. The floating seawall has vertical steel hanging underneath the flotation to kill the energy coming from the passing traffic.
    Alternatively if the water at the dock is shallow enough, the easier solution would be a boat lift. There are many manufacturers of these from the basic right through to the fancy covered boat house with the elevating floor. Things for you to consider.

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