Crunchitis Cure

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Are you suffering from “crunchitis”?

Crunchitis is a docking disorder associated with stress, contact with the dock, usually yelling, swearing, embarrassment and frequently accompanied by extensive pain in the pocket book.

Most boaters have suffered from mild to severe Crunchitis at one time or another, and it takes forever to get over it.

No boater wants to experience the embarrassment of hitting the dock.


There are many causes of crunchitis, some more common than others:

  • The wind against you
  • The current against you
  • The crew not doing the right thing
  • The boat doing the opposite to what you want
  • The wheel – turning it the wrong way in reverse
  • The wrong instructions for your drive system
  • Trial and error learning
  • The dock helpers messing up
  • Your First Mate not able to jump long distances
  • Confined quarters
  • Etc.

Cure & Prevention

  1. Get the right instructions for your drive system and boat type.
  2. Learn from the right instructions
  3. Practice the right instructions.

Practice only makes perfect, if you practice the right instructions.

Just as you followed the right instructions to learn to park your car without hitting anything and being able to do it every time, you can learn to dock your boat without ever suffering from crunchitis again. It is doable and duplicatable.

Just today, we got an email from a cured boater. He said…

“Your methods and lessons have helped me greatly. People actually get nervous, because I am so calm, when docking in less than stellar conditions. A lot of people giving advice and suggesting ropes to use…lol. Most non-experienced boaters at that…lol. they say, don’t know how you did it… or you were just lucky that time. I just smile and say Yep…I’m lucky every time. The luck is, I found your program and I practiced. Thanks again for making docking the easiest part of boating”. Steve.

Get your Cure for Crunchitis today!

Crunchitis Cure

If you’ve come down with Crunchitis, has the cure.
You’ll be “lucky” every time when docking.
You too can be a Docking Pro for sure!

P.S. – Pass this article on to everyone you know who is suffering from Crunchitis.

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