Boat Ramping is Entertainment!

Avoid the embarrassment of being BOAT RAMP ENTERTAINMENT!

Ramping a boat is hilariously entertaining, when you are standing there watching as everything goes wrong on the ramp. But, if you are the one screwing up the launch of your boat, the sad story is one of total embarrassment.

And, to make matters worse, it seems that everyone has a smart phone today just waiting to capture your “screw up” on video, so they can instantly post it to YouTube for the whole world to see. You will be there

  • along with the other videos showing the worst of ramping
  • everything from trying to push on a rope
  • to driving the vehicle first into the water
  • not being able to float the boat off the trailer because it is still high and dry on the ramp.

One embarrassing moment turns into embarrassment for a lifetime. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Ramping a boat is like most other skills in life. When you know how, it’s a flawless performance; when you don’t, it’s an embarrassing “screw-up” and you could become the launch ramp entertainment.

Dougism: “When you screw up, there will be an audience with a camera.
Ramp flawlessly and there will be no one in sight”.

Investing a little time in learning the procedures and tips to avoid screwing up is well worth it. “Ramping Your Boat” e-Lesson covers what you need to know to get your boat in and out of the water without embarrassment. Nobody videos a flawless performance!

Practice doesn’t always make perfect!


So many people say the solution is “Practice”, but they never tell you what to practice. They don’t explain the correct procedure, they just say practice what you are doing, that isn’t really working very well, and they assume you’ll get better at it. However, practicing bad techniques will only result in getting better at bad techniques and result in disaster over and over and over again—you’ll never ramp any better.

Practice only makes perfect, when you practice the correct procedure. Athletes know this better than anyone—golfing, hockey, baseball, tennis, dancing, skating, etc. etc. They take lessons from a pro and improve their skills.

Practice Correct Techniques

Doug’s e-Lesson has step-by-step instructions with explanations of what works and what doesn’t and why, as well as tips to make it even easier.

For example, one of Doug’s tips will ensure your trailer goes the right way when backing down the ramp. This one simple tip will avoid the trailer heading off in the wrong direction on the ramp. It is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it and it will improve your ramping instantly.

Another of Doug’s many tips in the e-Lesson will prevent your boat rolling off the trailer prematurely and crashing on the dry ramp, instead of in the water—especially on busy days when there is a lineup of boats waiting for the ramp.

It is important and considerate to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Knowing "How" makes all the difference!

Order your copy of “Ramping Your Boat” today

The size of the audience is directly proportionate to the size of your screw-up! Don’t become Launch Ramp Entertainment. Put on a great performance instead.

Ramping Your Power Boat Lesson
Order Your Copy TODAY!

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