Dangers Lurking in the Harbour!

jason-jumping-harbour“Can we go swimming in the harbour off the platform Gramma?” asked one of our grandchildren. “It is so hot and we just want to cool off”.

Like most harbours, there is a sign posted in Meaford “No Swimming allowed in the harbour”. But, like most harbours, no one pays any attention and kids and adults alike swim off the dock and their boats—especially in the heat of the summer.

Boaters reason that “There are no boats entering or leaving the harbour.” or “Our fairway has no traffic.” or “The water is clear.”, so it must be safe and into the water they go.

In the past, we would have told our grandchildren “Sure, go ahead” and then watched them carefully. Now, our answer is “No, it isn’t safe to swim in the harbour, but we will gladly take you out on the lake and you can swim there”.  Why?

There are many serious dangers lurking in most harbours around the world that just can’t be ignored anymore and we don’t want to expose our kids and grandkids to them.

Had we known in the past what we know now, we would not have allowed our kids, our grandchildren or even ourselves to swim in the harbour. It is just too risky.

In a previous article “Ah Rats!” we talked about the damage rodents can do to a boat if the marina doesn’t have a pest control plan, but there are more serious issues that you should be aware of.

Over the next three newsletters, we are going to expose three major dangers lurking in harbours that you should be aware of. Your harbour may be safe. It may not be safe.

happy-face-questionWe aren’t trying to alarm you, but feel that we should share what we now know about these potential dangers. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions before allowing anyone to jump off the dock or your platform into the harbour.

We want you to be aware of the possible dangers and warning signs in harbours and anchorages.

Be safe! Make informed decisions!

Stay tuned.

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