Docking With Kids

mom-small-child-2Young families buying boats today, want to enjoy the boating lifestyle.

What better way to spend quality family time together, than on the water in your boat.

The whole family can participate in so many water related activities unlike other sports, that are targeted to one family member at the exclusion of all others.

But, we hear over and over and over again that there is a real obstacle that is keeping families from enjoying boating…

The challenge of docking with young children aboard, results in worry and fear starting from the time they leave the dock. They get out of their slip okay, but the nagging fear of having to return later, tarnishes their fun.

Most often “Mom” who is watching the kids, is also required to handle the lines when docking and she “jumps” to the dock, hoping to “do it right”.

“Mom” should never jump and “Mom” should never leave small children alone in the cockpit when docking.

Mom, our docking lessons accommodate all situations, and are particularly suited to docking with small children.

Our FLIPP Line™ procedures eliminate the need for jumping and allow “Mom” to secure the boat AND watch the kids without getting off the boat—simple and safe.


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