What goes out Should Come Back

man-throwing-coffee-overboardDonna sent us a question: “I’ve begun to realize that boating is a “spectator sport”.

There’s nothing to do when you’re anchored/moored but to watch how our boaters go about their business.

My husband feels it’s OK to dump the coffee grounds overboard and rinse the pot.

He says that at least we’re not pouring bacon grease (major faux pas). Is this kosher behaviour?

Throwing anything overboard
is not environmentally friendly.

recycle-binsAll boaters are encouraged to bring back whatever they take out. Keep all trash onboard including food waste, cigarette butts, fishing line, plastic glass, metal, paper—everything, and dispose of it properly on shore.

Some marinas have multiple receptacles for recycling, composting and garbage. At some, everything goes into one big dumpster. Depending on how “green” you are and your marina is, you may opt to toss it all into their bin, or you may decide to take your recyclables home for regular curbside pickup.

Boaters everywhere should do all they can to protect our waterways so that our grandchildren will be able to experience the boating lifestyle we all enjoy today.



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